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How To Control Blood Pressure

How To Control Blood Pressure

How to control blood pressure : We all know that how high blood pressure is dangerous for us.

In this busy life we don’t. Care for our body. This stress full life may cause harmful effect in our life it may increase our blood pressure.

Which make us feel hyper and we fall ill . If our blood pressure is not maintained . This is the sign of to get rid of this problem (blood pressure).

How To Control Blood Pressure

You can measure your blood pressure with the machine.

There are 5 tips How To Control Blood Pressure. Through which you can maintain your blood pressure. And live a fruitful life. So lets begin with the tips .

How To Control Blood Pressure

1. Remove Stress

How To Control Blood Pressure

The first thing we should keep in our mind is that we should not take stress on our mind.

This gonna be more helpful in removing our mind stress. We should not take burden of work in our mind.

Too much work make us feel tired and have too much stress on our mind. This gonna be remove if we meditate 14- 15 min in the nature. Take huge breathe and feel relaxed this should be helpful in removing your stress.

SO if you do the these things you will definite reduce your stress. And you should make a timetable to do one task at a specific period so that you should not be burden of thing.

so implement this will definitely help you.

2. Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol

How To Control Blood Pressure

Many people love drinking Alcohol. But they don’t know their side infests . It is very harmful for your health from the side of the blood pressure it is very harmful.

We should drink alcohol in little quantity because it should be good for health. But if we drink too much it can damage our liver and increase our heart rate which causes high blood pressure.

If drink in little amount it would be good for our inner body system specially for digestive system . We should drink very little amount of alcohol.

Because it helps us to digest our food properly because there some ingredients in the alcohol. which we take in limited quantity is beneficial for our health.

3. Eat Healthy Diet

How To Control Blood Pressure

We should maintain our diet . We eat regularly three times in a day .

But have notices which food is good or bad for your health. We all need good health .

Did you know “what food are good for high blood pressure?“.Eating healthy diet like vegetable , wheat grain, Fruits These are good for our health and body. We should not eat High fat food .Because it may increase your blood pressure.


These type of oily and high fat contained food make our body fat. Which cause high blood pressure.

We should make a time table of eating food so that we know what food we in take . we should should eat some light food in a week which maintain our body.

How To Control Blood Pressure

If we are buy some food we should see the expiry and manufacturing date of the food. If eat out dated food we can damage our health which cause high “blood pressure”.

4. Regular Exercise

How To Control Blood Pressure

Regular exercise ( Physical activity) May lower the blood pressure. If you do regular exercise you can maintain the blood pressure of your body .

But you should be consistence to your exercise if you left it the blood pressure become high. If you do regular exercise you can reduce blood pressure quickly and this will help you a lot.

The best of doing regular exercise it help you to reduce the hypertension. And it help to reduce  the  Blood pressure.

The best type of exercise you can do to reduce blood pressure is swimming, jogging, cycling, running. FOr more you can ask for your doctor.

5. Don’t Do Smoking

How To Control Blood Pressure

How To Control Blood Pressure

We all know that if do smoking we are not able to live longer. Because the smoke of cigarette is not good for our heart and can creates many heart related problem.

And of course it will increase the blood pressure. We should quit smoking because its effect on our health is  very bad if you want to reduce blood pressure.

You should go away from cigarette because it can kill you. It makes your heart black which contain high rated foam which kills you . Quit smoking helps you to make your blood pressure in safe position.

So friends these are the 5 tips  “How To Control Blood Pressure” . so i hope these tips helps you a lot and make your blood pressure in normal position. so i hope this post is very helpful for you . Thanks for reading this article.

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