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Top 5 highest populated states in India | Most populated States

highest populated states

Top 5 highest populated states in India: India is the highest populated nation and 2nd populated country in the world. More than 1.25 billion peoples are in live this nation. The rate of increasing population in India is very fast and Their is a probability that in 2020. The population is become 1.3 billion. India has 17% of the population from the world. Individuals are migrate from one country to the another for job or business or for their interest work and better life . so in today’s article we see the Top 5 highest populated states in India. 

Top 5 highest populated states in India

1. Bihar



highest populated states

From all the states in India.Bihar is one of the most crowded state in India. Bihar is the highly populated state with population of  more than 10 crore people which is more population than some of the countries in the world.

Bihar has 38 areas in which the capital of bihar which is Patna have more population than other areas.

Only patna has the population of 20  lakhs people. which is very big population. According to census 2011 bihar . The frequency of the bihar population over 1,000 per square meter.  so bihar has hub of population that why it is called the densest population state .

Its population is very high as compare to others.

2. West Bengal


highest populated states
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The frequency of the people in the west bengal is 1029 for each square meter area. That’s why west bengal is the 2nd most populated state of India.

Kolkata situated in bengal have most populated area in the bengal the desity of the population is 24,000 area for every square meter.

west bengal is economical state becuse it have the GDP more than 7 lakhs. West Bengal have many enterprises like steel, fertlizer, jute etc.

Due to this analysis the West Bengal is 2nd most populated state in India.

3. kerala


highest populated states


Kerala is 3 rd most  populated state in India. It contains 2.76 of India’s population . Kerala contains 34.5 million population at present. The desity of the population of the kerala is 859 in each square area.

Kerala is economical state of India with the GDP more that 3.5 Lakhs.

Also kerla is known for pepper (black pepper). Kerla is the market of black pepper which offers 95% of pepper to the nation.

4. Uttar pradesh


highest populated states

Uttar pradesh is the biggest state of India. And 4 th biggest population state in India. Uttar Padesh contain 75 regions.

Kanpur in uttar pradesh is one of the populated state with population of 64 lakhs people. Uttar Pradesh has the GDP of 8 lakh crore.

The increment the population of Uttar Pradesh 16%

Uttar Pradesh is one of  the economic state of India . Uttar Pradesh offers 70% sugar for the nation.

5. Haryana


highest populated states

Haryana is listed  5 th position in population in India. The density of the population of the haryana is 573 each square kilometer.

Haryana is the fatest developing state . It contain more that 3.9 lakh crore GDP.

Haryana is the economical state which is know for agriculture and which is related to its enterprise. At last Their are many Individuals in this states And their is no utilization of nobody.

So friends hope you aware about these populated states of India. And you can gain many knowlege from this blog . Hope you like it .

Thanks for reading this article.

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