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Green Tea Benefits On Your Body

Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea Benefits In Our Body: we all know that how green tea is important to us. To make your knowledge more stronger about green tea. SO friends this article is health related hope you like it.

This article is very important. Because it is related to our health .So read this if you want to make your health good.

So in this article we talk about 5 green tea benefits in our health. You can follow these tips and helps improve you to improve your health. So lets these benefits.

 Green Tea Benefits In Our Body


Green Tea is the most beneficial medicine in our planet.

It contains too many Antioxidants and many different types of nutrients that are beneficial for our body.

so here “5 green tea benefits in our body”.

Green Tea Benefits

1. Burns Fat And Improve physical Health

Green Tea Benefits

Green tea helps to burns the Fat of our body and also improves physical health. It is the type of fat burning supplements.

we should drink green tea early in the morning. And go for walk in the park and do some exercises this technique is very helpful for your body.

To make you body in perfect shape . you should work on this tip . This can be done in regular basis.

Regular exercise with green tea make your day. You are full of

green tea contains caffeine which help us to improve our physical health.

Many researches said that caffeine can improve the physical health 10-12%.

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2. Improve Brain Function And Make Your Mind More Sharp

Green Tea Benefits

Green tea helps you to increase the brain function. It can open your mind. So that your mind would be fresh and you can do many things smartly .

The main component of the green tea is caffeine which also known as stimulant .

green tea contain same amount of caffeine as the coffee contain but it outcome doesn’t cause jittery effect.

green tea also contain amino acid called l-theanine. The mixture of caffeine and l-theanine is very good for our brain.

so these two ingredients help us to improve our brain function and make our mind open.

3. Reduce Risk Of Different Types Of Cancer


Cancer is one of the most dangerous disease. Which is the major cause of death. Many people who smoke, eat tobacco have face these kind of problem. Or it should be caused by unguarded growth of cell.

Green tea is the one of the best source to lowers the cancer risk because it contain antioxidants which is good for body and avoid the cause of these type of diseases.

Green tea helps to reduce the chances of causing cancers like breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer etc:-

one important  thing you always put in your mind that you should not mix milk in green tea it destroy all the components of the tea. which is not good for your body.

4. Reduce Risk Of Infection In Your Body

Green Tea Benefits
Influenza virus

Green tea contains catechins which are good for our health and we can see good effects of this  on our health.

catechins help us to get rid out of the various infections like influenza . So it helps to lower the cause of  infection on our body.

Green tea also protect our teeth from various teeth related infection. Catechins present in green tea hinders the growth of these infections.

5. Reduce The Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Green tea lowers the risk of Diseases like cardiovascular diseases ( heart attack, stroke etc:-).

Green tea help us to improve the main danger of these diseases. It also helps to improve the antioxidant efficiency of the blood. Improves heart rate of our body . Which help to reduce the risk of breathing problem.

If you drink the green tea daily you can reduce 30% of the risk of cardiovascular diseases. which helps you to live better life and can live long without these types of harmful diseases.

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So Friends these are 5 “Green Tea Benefits In Our Body”. you can apply these tips in your daily routine .you will definitely feel different. Hope you like this post . And i hope by this post you will enhance your knowledge .

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